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    Hello! My name is Heather and I am so happy you stopped by! This blog is a place where I will share love stories of amazing couples who I had the honor of photographing. It is a place where I can express my passion with images where my words fall short. Photography has changed my life drastically and I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this gift. I wish I could say the same thing about my singing voice, but what can you do?!

>>–Valentina+Billy-> Engaged!! Baker Beach Engagement Session, San Francisco Wedding Photographer

It’s always good to make friends with the bartender, but if you are lucky, you may just snag him for life.  They were first introduced at one of my favorite bars in North Beach.  Popular for its popcorn, jukebox, and neighborly hole in the wall vibe that always makes you feel like you belong.  Where else?  North Star.  They became friends and hung out a few times, but Valentina was off to live in Italy.   The first time she came home for a visit was for her mom’s birthday and when she saw Billy again she began to see him in a new light.  An attractive light 🙂   Billy was super into her too, so they began talking to each other more frequently while she was abroad.  It wasn’t until he surprised Valentina’s family by flying her home for Columbus Day that the deal was sealed.  Being that her family is Italian, and I must add, owner’s of the most popular Italian restaurant in Little Italy, it was a HUGE deal to have the family together for this holiday!  That gesture not only won Valentina’s heart, but her families’ as well!  

Now they are getting married in 3 short days and I couldn’t be more excited to be the one to capture it!  They are a beautiful couple and have an undeniable chemistry that makes my job so easy 🙂  We headed to Baker Beach in hopes of a spectacular sunset and being that is was the most gorgeous day of the year, that is exactly what we got! Stay tuned for pictures of this ‘bride and groom to be’ on their wedding day!

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