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    Hello! My name is Heather and I am so happy you stopped by! This blog is a place where I will share love stories of amazing couples who I had the honor of photographing. It is a place where I can express my passion with images where my words fall short. Photography has changed my life drastically and I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this gift. I wish I could say the same thing about my singing voice, but what can you do?!

Hayley and Ryan are two of the sweetest and most joyful people I have ever met, so it was no surprise that their friends and family were equally amazing!  It was a pleasure being a part of their Saratoga Springs wedding and capturing the happy tears, the bursts of laughter, and of course the love that surrounds them.  I especially loved Hayley’s slinky backless gown and the gorgeous bouquets with succulents and feathers!  Her palette of mint and coral is one of my favorites!  Of course, Ryan was very handsome in his bowtie and three piece suit, but he had some major competition with their puppy Ozy, who had on a “Best Dog” scarf!  Oh Woof!  One of my favorite moments was the Mother-Daughter dance.  I had never seen one before and thought is was a great idea especially if your mom is one of your best friends!  I am so happy for these two and know they have nothing but lots of laughter and adventures to come!

Wedding Venue: Saratoga Springs – http://saratoga-springs.com

Wedding Coordinator: Samantha (weddingplanner@saratoga-springs.com)

Flower designer: Lani Elizabeth (elizabeth@lanielizabeth.com)

Caterer: Saratoga Springs (weddingplanner@saratoga-springs.com)

DJ or Entertainment: Sir Dancealot (sirdance@sbcglobal.net

Cake Designer: Cake Delights (925-373-7786)

2nd Photographer: Briana Calderon -http://brianacphotography.com

Hair Artist: Beauty by Cherise (beautybycherise@gmail.com)

Makeup Artist: Beauty by Cherise (beautybycherise@gmail.com)

Dress Designer: Janene’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal


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It’s always good to make friends with the bartender, but if you are lucky, you may just snag him for life.  They were first introduced at one of my favorite bars in North Beach.  Popular for its popcorn, jukebox, and neighborly hole in the wall vibe that always makes you feel like you belong.  Where else?  North Star.  They became friends and hung out a few times, but Valentina was off to live in Italy.   The first time she came home for a visit was for her mom’s birthday and when she saw Billy again she began to see him in a new light.  An attractive light πŸ™‚   Billy was super into her too, so they began talking to each other more frequently while she was abroad.  It wasn’t until he surprised Valentina’s family by flying her home for Columbus Day that the deal was sealed.  Being that her family is Italian, and I must add, owner’s of the most popular Italian restaurant in Little Italy, it was a HUGE deal to have the family together for this holiday!  That gesture not only won Valentina’s heart, but her families’ as well!  

Now they are getting married in 3 short days and I couldn’t be more excited to be the one to capture it!  They are a beautiful couple and have an undeniable chemistry that makes my job so easy πŸ™‚  We headed to Baker Beach in hopes of a spectacular sunset and being that is was the most gorgeous day of the year, that is exactly what we got! Stay tuned for pictures of this ‘bride and groom to be’ on their wedding day!

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Sam & Davey met in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where they moved in search of snow and adventure.  They ended up becoming roommates and the rest is history! I am especially connected to this wedding because Davey is my brother in law!  We always love visiting as Matt’s sister and her family live there too!  It is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, so being able to capture this special wedding at Flying Diamond Ranch was quite an honor.  

You can check out the Full Feature on Love & Lavender HERE as well as my blog post HERE.

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When Steve and Ana met through work in 2012, they made it very clear to each other that they were only interested in being friends…which, let’s be honest, almost always leads to a proposal πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰  I have heard a ton of love stories, and that my friends, is definitely a good rule to make if you want to marry said person πŸ˜‰   Anyhow, Ana was determined to stay friends with Steve, even joking she’d punch him in the throat if he tried to kiss her.  haha!  Regardless, they continued spending time together and hiding their true feelings for one another became more and more difficult.  One day Steve decided to take his chances and pulled Ana aside and kissed her…AND, she kissed him back!  On March 31, 2013 they made their relationship official and Steve transferred job locations so they could date openly. A few years later on their anniversary they got engaged! And even more amazing, on March 31, 2017 they got married!  I think it is safe to say that 3-31 are their lucky numbers πŸ˜‰

I had so much fun shooting this wedding!  There were 3 couples in attendance whose weddings I had previously captured including Ana’s brother, Franky!  It’s always fun having friends at a wedding cuz I feel so very welcomed and no one is as shocked when they see what a goober I am.  After their gorgeous wedding at Seascape Golf Club in Aptos, they were greeted by a mariachi band which set the tone for a fun night to follow!  I especially loved our time at the beach down the street which we practically had ourselves!  Congrats Ana & Steve!  I am so excited to see what other exciting things you have in store, especially on the last day of all your Marches.

Wedding Venue: Seascape Golf Club http://www.seascapegc.com

Wedding Coordinator: Maritza Pozzi-Loyola, MPozzi_loyola@seascapegc.com

Videographer: Joshua Sanchez 408.390.7519

2nd Photographer: Johanna Claesson – http://www.pieceofheartphoto.com

Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Lavkoff


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