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From the Couple: After 2 years of long distance, 4 years of living together in San Francisco and raising their pup, Bentley, Spencer decided it was time to “take the plunge.” He just had to find the perfect place to do it and he wanted it to be a surprise, so besides asking Jessy’s dad for “permission,” Spencer did not clue anyone in on his plan.Jessy and Spencer rented a house on the cliffs of Big Sur with a group of close friends. Without making anyone in the group aware of his plan, Spencer brought the ring (and champagne) around all weekend waiting for the perfect place to propose.  After a fly infested waterfall, one of the windiest peaks we have ever encountered, and a touristy mid-hike stop, Spencer decided to wait untill the last night when we were back at the house with the perfect view.  He asked one of our friends to take pictures of them during sunset.  This should have clued Jessy in, since Spencer does not typically like pictures.  However, Jessy (and the rest of our friends in the house) remained clueless. It was there with the beautiful hills and ocean in the background and their friend snapping pictures that Spencer got on one knee and asked Jessy to spend the rest of her life with him. Shrieks of excitement ensued from inside the house and after some initial shock Jessy, of course, said Yes!

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jessy & Spencer over the last 3 years as Jessy and my husband used to work together!  I always loved Jessy from the moment we met.  She made me feel so comfortable at work happy hours and Christmas parties where I didn’t know many people. It has been so fun being a part of their wedding and getting the chance to hang out with my North Beach Neighbors even more!  Their wedding was just perfection.  Amongst endless rows of vineyards at Sonoma Stryker Vineyards, Jessy and Spencer said their vows.  After sunset they danced the night away to the sounds of the amazing cover band, Pop Fiction.  The day was beautiful and I wish these two nothing but more love and happiness!  Dinner soon, You two!

The Twilight moments were spectacular!  So happy I could sneak them out for one shot!

21st birthdays are usually hard to remember if celebrated correctly.  I mean, the sugar rushes from all the cake and ice-cream and the intense excitement of being able to use your ID to walk into places of business to buy beverages can really mess with one’s memory.  The last thing you’d expect to gain other than a pounding headache the next day, again from too much sugar, is a new love interest. Meagan and Anthony were introduced by a mutual friend the night of Anthony’s 21st Birthday & it was the best gift he had ever received. Meagan and Anthony have been together ever since and moved cross-country to San Francisco to pursue their careers and get engaged!  They are saying their vows this November!  So excited to be a part of their big day!


Kellie & Dean are my kind of people!  They light up a room with their presence and infectious personalities.  Simply put:  You want to be their best friend and follow them around like a lost puppy because you know if they are doing it, it must be Ah-Mazing!  I was so completely honored to be invited to their wedding reception.  When I questioned the invite to such an intimate dinner, Dean said, “It’s important to us that you get to know our friends and family.”   They saw me for who I wanted to be for them, and all my couples…a friend, not just vendor at their wedding.  That was seriously the nicest gesture I had ever received & I will always cherish it.

They put so much love into every last detail of their wedding…and by love I mean blood, sweat and maybe even tears as they handmade all of the creative vignettes.  They wanted to create a welcoming and warm environment for their guests which was beautifully executed with the handmade freestanding doors for Kellie’s grand entrance.  Her entrance was spectacular, but I must say it was equally matched when she got carried through them at the end of the ceremony by her new husband!  At the end of the aisle was a mantle decorated with flowers, crates and candles.  You felt as if you were part of their home and family as you watched these two say their vows.  Throughout the property they continued the rustic homespun feel with a mint green bicycle displaying homemade jam, a mint green wheel barrel filled with beverages, and the cakes elegantly situated on top of vintage mint green tables.  The ambiance was perfect and I dove head first into it’s welcoming arms.  It was like a good movie that I never wanted to end…and like all good movies, there were happy tears and lots of laughter.  Congrats Kellie & Dean!





and this is about where I started to cry…& I’m not ashamed cuz there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere to be seen!


Out of the blue Dean jumps behind Kellie as she is showing me her garters!  Hilarious!

This is really a photo, not a dream come true…galloping horses and one of each color and pattern!?  It’s like a fairytale!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich bites served on a tray?!?  YES PLEASE!

The best send off ever!  High fives all around and a dog pile!

Wedding Coordinator: Denise Addesso ~

Floral Design: Ceremony: Darcy Craig Seascape Flowers ~, Center Pieces: Coastline Flowers Briana Mosbacher ~

Caterer: Feast For a King: Kimberly Santia Dunn ~

DJ: DNA Entertainmnet, Darion ~

Cake Designer: Gayle’s Bakery

Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Photographer: Heather Scharf Photography

2nd Shooter: Meghan Faith
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Eek!  Still in shock that a wedding I shot made it in a magazine let alone the COVER!  I am not shocked however, that it was Katelin & Chris’s wedding that was chosen!  She spent tons of time with a talented team to pull off the Kate Spade in Tuscany Concept.  Their intimate wedding was held at a private estate literally amongst the grapes and vines.  It was majestic! When I told the editor how excited and grateful I was to have Katelin’s wedding on the cover she said, “It was too good not too!”  That is a huge compliment to all of the couple’s hard work!

To see the whole wedding check it out HERE.  To see the Full Wedding Wire 2014 Fallbook check it out HERE

Shout out to my Husband Matt who second shot the ceremony with me for taking the below image!

Oh Woof!  It wasn’t until days later that I realized their pug GiGi got the back cover!  She sure was a lil beauty that day!

First of all, how on Earth is this the first Fisherman’s Wharf Shoot I have done!  I usually try and steer clear of this touristy area, but hitting it up at 9am with this cute couple has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities!  It was like we had an entire amusement park to ourselves for an hour!  The bright colors, interesting street acts, and early rising seals were practically all for us!  It was amazing!  Even better is the fact that Travis took Sara on their first date to this very spot.  They started out as just friends, meeting at an amusement park they both worked at.  It wasn’t until they both attended a Valentine’s Day party together that he broke through the ‘friend zone’ and asked her out on a real Valentines date!  The rest is history!  We had so much fun on our shoot!  Fisherman’s Wharf…I’ll be back!  Maybe I could come up with a street act as a side job?  After all, I am just a stones throw away from it all.  Oh the possibilites!

This Musee Mecanique is a special place for them as they spent much of their first date goofing off here!  All the games date back to the World’s Fair and the prices are old world too!

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