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I have been anticipating Baby Maxine for so long and she is finally here and adorable as ever!  Her mom and I have been close friends since childhood so meeting the little life that she and her husband created was so special for me.  I sadly don’t do family sessions anymore, but there was no way on Earth I was gonna pay Maxine a visit without my camera!  Turns out Baby Maxine was in the perfect mood for a photo shoot!  We took full advantage as she dreamed about milk…I’m guessing:) I am counting down the days when I can hold her again!

Hiding her smile as she warms up to the camera

Right at home in daddy’s arms

Taking photos can be exhausting especially when you are so darn cute!

Maxine has the cutest little dimple on her left cheek!  I am so happy it came out for at least one photo!

Out takes:  Auntie Heather with her new bestie

Baby Maxine_0033Daddy filing her nails before the big shoot!Baby Maxine_0032

  • Stephanie Gilliam - February 27, 2015 - 10:16 pm

    Amazing photos from our favorite photographer! You captured our sweet family perfectly. The way only a close friend could.ReplyCancel

Heather & Ivan were married on the most beautiful day San Francisco has to offer in late January.  The sun was out and the City Club of San Francisco was the ideal setting for this art deco inspired wedding!  When they first laid eyes on the famous Diego Riviera mural showcased above the grand staircase, they were awestruck by it’s beauty.  They drew inspiration from the art deco architecture and design for their own wedding day palette.  I just loved the beautiful shades of purple she chose for the bridesmaid dresses!  The first look on the rooftop with the skyline surrounding them was so perfect as this is the city where they fell in love.  It was the first of many beautiful moments!  To see the story of their decadent wedding day see below!

Heading to the roof to prepare to see his bride for the first time!

I loved that Heather’s dad was there to be a part of the first look too!

The jaw dropping architecture in the lobby of The City Club

One of my favorite moments was when Heather’s dad twirled her as she walked down the aisle!

Another classic moment: Siri came on over the speakers saying she was unavailable right as Heather’s dad was giving her away!

The roof is just as spectacular at night!


Venue: The City Club San Francisco – Cassie Harris –

Wedding Planners: Lauren North, Christina Millikin – Glow Event Design

2nd Photographer: Meghan Faith –

Floral Designer: Pico Soriano Designs – –

Reception Musicians: Lucky Devils Band –

Hair & Makeup: Oxen Rose Salon –

Cake: City Club Made by Cakemaker Bala

Groom’s Cake: Suzie Cakes

Officiant: Lili Freitas




  • Shannon Madden - February 20, 2015 - 9:50 pm

    Beautiful wedding. Beautiful photos.ReplyCancel

This was the closest contest to date with over 450 voters participating!  Thank You to everyone who took the time to vote!  I am excited to announce the two winners of the 16×24 canvas! Congratulations to:

Image #9) Shannon & Ken: “We love how Heather was able to capture the beauty of the forest and how much fun we were having with such a perfectly timed shot. This picture is truly memorable for us because as the sun broke through the clouds, we had so much fun running from section to section to try and catch the light as it was coming through the trees!”

See the full wedding HERE at Saratoga SpringsCanvas Giveaway_0019

Image #15) Corinne & Jeff: “We love this photo because it captures our personalities and the love, joy, fun and connection that we share. Jeff commented that this photo of us makes him smile every time he sees it. Our wedding day was the happiest day of our lives and this photo captures that feeling perfectly.”

Check out their full wedding HERE at The Vintners Inn

Canvas Giveaway_0015Great work  everyone!  Excited to see photos of these canvases up in your homes!  Have a wonderful 2015!

When Matt & I got engaged, we signed up for pre marital counseling as most churches require that as a prerequisite for getting married.  We weren’t thrilled about going at first, but turns out we had a ton of fun and learned so much about something neither of us knew anything about: marriage.  We invested 4 days for a lifetime of awesome advice to fall back on.  I was a psychology major and had learned all about the Love Languages and had even taken the test.  The significance of it did not register until this class and a man I was in love with to apply it to.  I am here to tell you, if you don’t know how to navigate through a disagreement, a lull in the relationship, or how to make them happy refer to their Love Languages.

There are 5: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Physical Touch

Take the test HERE.

Ok, I am not very secretive…my love language is Acts of Service…”Where actions speak louder than words”.  When Matt takes out the garbage, does the dishes, or folds the laundry it is literally the MOST romantic thing in the world to me.  The other part of this is I LOVE little gestures and surprises.  A note on my pillow, a surprise dinner date, or a back rub are a HUGE part of my love language.  In fact, our pastor said something that stuck with us.  If you have no clue what to do to make things right, simply SERVE them.  All that means is refer to their love language and act on it!

This year we made a promise to each other as we exchanged our 2015 goals that we would speak each other’s love language more.  In order for you to understand my promise to Matt you need to know something.  Matt is a minimalist and I love this about him despite it being the polar opposite of myself.  For example, one new shirt in the closet, one old shirt in the Goodwill pile, his desk at work looks like an available space for a new hire, and he could literally pack up his belongings in one small cardboard box (minus his clubs) and hit the road in the middle of the night like Kindergarten Cop.  So, for some reason when I leave a trail of Heather Stuff from the living room to the bedroom it stresses him out.  What?! I am not a messy filthy person, it’s just that I don’t won’t to get lost!  Therefore, my New Year’s promise to Matt was to always pick up after myself…AKA Heather Sweep.

In return, he promised to surprise me with dates.  I picked this one mostly because he already takes out the trash, does the dishes and folds my laundry (from time to time)…After reading this, I realize how I must sound…lazy, slobby, and needy.  I am none of those things, I just happen to have an awesome husband who is thankful that I started to finally cook for him after 5 years;) The other reason I chose surprise dates is because I LOVE surprises…as long as they are planned;) Every Christmas growing up, we never got to just open our gifts, we had to find them as they were hidden with clues all over the house.  My tooth fairy, Swimp from the Kingdom of Harber Bubble didn’t just leave a quarter under my pillow, she left me a long note that I could only decode if I read it in the mirror.  You get the idea.  It’s never been about the gift so much as the trouble it took to hide it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 7.58.31 PM

Anyway, last night we spoke each other’s Love Languages.  We went on a surprise date.  And after the date I put the dress, shoes, and necklace back where they belong.