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I absolutely loved my time with this family!  Although they probably belong in a J.Crew magazine, I was more than thrilled to photograph them! They are here for a little getaway from Vancouver and strange enough they found me because the concierge at Argonaut Hotel recommended me!  We played on a small beach that happened to have a row boat docked on the sand!  Perfect!  I had so much fun with you guys and capturing the precious smiles of your kiddos!

Born on opposite sides of the globe, Melissa & Sayanan found each other at UCSD.  They had become good friends, but it wasn’t until Sy came to visit her during her study abroad in Argentina that she realized there was more than a friendship brewing.  Four years later Sy brought Melissa to the bridge in San Diego where he first told her “I love You”, but this time it was to ask for her hand in marriage!

It was a celebration like non other!  Two families brought together by their children could not get along any better!  Their was so much love in the air and I could tell that these two families coming from different cultures had become one that night at the wedding.  I just loved seeing the Armenian and the Sri Lankan dance moves come together in pure awesomeness on the dance floor!  Such a blast!

They did everything as one that day, including walking down the aisle.

Best cake cutting ever!  I did not seeing it coming at all!

Venue: Saratoga Springs

Wedding Coordinators: Mimi & Diana

Flower Designer: Blossoms Flower Shop- Denise Barnett

Caterer: Saratoga Springs

DJ: Alex Wrigley

Cake Designer: C’est Si Bon Bakery

2nd Photographer: Meghan Faith
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From the Groom: Growing up in the small town of Gilroy, it is not hard for your paths to repeatedly cross. We both went to the same elementary school and high school, but ironically did not meet until we left Gilroy. Our paths crossed once again in the hallways at San Jose State. Recognizing a familiar face from the past, we exchanged numbers to start a friendship. Within a year of myspace conversations (hahahah), texting, concerts, and movie nights, a spark was lit.

Finally realizing that there was something more than friendship going on between us, I mustered up the courage to ask her out on a dinner date. IT WAS THE MOST AWKWARD TIME EVER!!! Even though we had been casually hanging out, there was something different about this night. Nervous laughs, sweaty palms, and general first date jitters filled the air that night. Although we had already built a solid friendship, we both knew that this date was the start of something deeper.
Eight years of more movie nights, dinner dates, and deep conversations, I knew I had found my soul mate.

Christina and Steven have a spark to them.  I just love being around them because they are so happy!  I love their energy and the way they don’t take life or each other too seriously.  It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of their celebration and witnessing all the amazing love that filled the barrel room that special night.  Cheers to You!!

Looking at Steven at this very moment caused a tear to fall down my cheek. He was just taken by the feeling of seeing his Love walking toward him.

I loved that the veil flew up and over her face just perfectly leaving her smiling face to be highlighted!


There was a definite brotherhood between all the groomsmen…the kind you just look at with envy.

So. Much. Fun!  Love you both!

Wedding Venue: Leal Vineyards

Wedding Coordinator: Kendra Saenz with Leal Vineyards

Flower Desginer: Geiselle with Leal Vineyards

DJ: Mario Tavares with Leal Vineyards

Cake Designer: Icing on a Cake

2nd Photographer: Wade Tanev

Meet Carson!  He’s 6 months old & his parents are awesome!  I photographed their wedding in my 1st year of photography & am still so grateful they gave me the opportunity when I had so little experience!  We have been friends ever since!  Hangin’ with Carson at our session was so fun as I was learning all the things that he could do on his own like sitting up, posing like a pro on his belly, and drooling of course!  I personally loved his Gymboree half zip…the girl who designed it is pretty cool;) Hope to do many sessions with you guys in the future & of course shoot his wedding;)

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One of the best parts about doing photography full time now is that I have more time for Family…my family of course, but other families too!  I was introduced to the Penney’s through a bride and groom of mine!  It had been a while since I had done a family session with older kiddos…and by older I mean everyone has learned to walk. I forgot how fun pulling together so many personalities into one shoot can be.  I loved the chaos of getting everyone together in a photo and instead of trying to control what happened I just photographed all the funny moments between the poses!  Getting the kids to hug reminded me soooo much of me and my 3 brothers.  Hugging was totally EWWWW!  (if you haven’t seen Jimmy Fallon’s EW! skit go to Youtube right now and watch!  I had a blast with this wonderful and very beautiful family!  I hope to do many more sessions and get to see these kids grow into young adults!

Penney Family_0024

And now an out take!  Olivia did a running jump in front of the camera during her Parents’ segment!  Hilarious!

Penney Family_0025Click play to see the fun unfold!

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