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    Hello! My name is Heather and I am so happy you stopped by! This blog is a place where I will share love stories of amazing couples who I had the honor of photographing. It is a place where I can express my passion with images where my words fall short. Photography has changed my life drastically and I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this gift. I wish I could say the same thing about my singing voice, but what can you do?!

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One of my all time favorite engagement shoots just got featured on A Paper Proposal Wedding blog!  I love this shoot so much, well, because of the couple.  They had me laughing the entire time and the fun they were having on that gorgeous day in SF was boldly shining through in their photos!

To check out the full feature head HERE.  See the their full blog post from our shoot head HERE.

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You know the saying, “Timing is everything.”  The words that usually make your blood boil if you are on the waiting end of the clock’s slow tick tock.  The only reason we always hear people say that is because, well, it is true…especially when it comes to falling in Love.  This Love Story has a prequel starting 10 years before Chapter 1 even begins.  Sarah & Brandon first met at work.  She was immediately drawn to him.  I mean, how could she resist his long hair and braces.  As chance would have it, she was invited to spend a week with him and others house boating!  Perfect right?!  It seems like this trip would have been the catalyst that brought them together…after all you are bound to at least bump into each other every other second on a house boat. Regardless, the timing was not right and they barely spoke after the trip.  The story does not end there, of course.  Life has a way of working itself out despite all the twists and turns and unexpected hurdles it throws at you.  6 years later, both a little older and a whole lot wiser, they found themselves working at the same company again!  Coincidence?  I think not!  To Sarah’s surprise, they actually began to talk to each other at work, leading to long phone conversations & texts at night. The fact that they lived 171 miles apart did not stop them from taking their relationship to the next level as they spent their weekends driving to see each other.  A deep and meaningful connection was developing before their very eyes.  This is the perfect time to introduce the key character in this story.  Hudson.  He is Sarah’s handsome little son who won Brandon’s heart from the very start.  The three of them had become a tight knit unit and before too long they all moved in together.  They are all so excited for the wedding!  Hudson even got to pick out his own wedding ring for the big day!  For this family of 3 the story is just beginning.  There are so many amazing moments to come and I am so excited to document the day when these two families officially unite!

Sarah & Brandon’s photos tell it all.  They are so incredibly in love and filled with joy that is bursting at the seams!  I absolutely loved hanging out with these two at the mission murals and Sutra Baths in San Francisco.  I am obsessed with all the bright colors the day had to offer from the impactful murals to the beautiful sunset.  These two made the session just perfect!  Here is a peek to all the fun we had!

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Fishing is a sport often used to describe the even more difficult ‘sport’ of dating.  You throw your line out blindly hoping to get a bite.  Finally, after what feels like forever, you feel that glorious tug on your line.  Your are filled with adrenaline, hope, and excitement!  You spend all your energy and time reeling it in.  Often times it takes years and several fish before you get THE catch worth keeping, but when you do, it is well worth the wait and effort!

This love story begins like any other day for Renee…at work.  She was an ergonomics specialist at Stanford and was helping one of her co-workers (Anthony’s dad) get properly set up.  When he asked what her plans were for the weekend, he was pleasantly surprised when she said, “fishing.”  That lead him to get out his phone and show her photos of all the fish he had caught.  After exchanging several stories, it suddenly dawned on him that she would be the perfect match for his son, Anthony, who also is passionate about fishing and the outdoors.  He promptly gave her his son’s contact information.   Renee wasn’t sure what to expect from blindly reaching out to Anthony.  But needless to say, she threw him a line…and he bit!  They immediately bonded over their love of fishing which lead to their first date at Saddlerack in Fremont.  I don’t think there is a better first date out there!  Country line dancing, a live band, mechanical bull riding and cheap drinks?!?  I mean, it’s a recipe for love!   They went out shooting guns the next day and then the following weekend Anthony took her on a fishing trip!  From then on, they were completely inseparable.  Hook, Line, & Sinker!  Their was no throwing this fish back, Renee had found her big catch!

A couple years later, while out fishing, Anthony gave her a gift he had hand made.  It was a lure, a perfect symbol of their love story isn’t it?  As she was tying it to her fishing line, she noticed that it was engraved with, “You’re my greatest catch, will you marry me?”

They are head over heels in love and I had so much fun capturing that love on their engagement shoot!  We went to this amazing park with a lake to fish!  Nothing was caught, except for below images of course… (I’ll be here all night ;).  I am so excited to share this session!  You are gonna love Renee’s flower crown made by Andrea at Lily & Mint Events – lilyandmint.com.  Can’t wait to hang with these two again!



I just love how beautiful Renee looks in her white dress and flower crown!



More from this session Here!

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