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They met the old fashioned way…a blind date…organized not by a computer, but you know, a person.  You’re probably wondering if their courtship was then followed by hand written letters mailed to one another?  No, but the way their story developed was just perfect.  Kelly’s brother in law decided to play Cupid and gave his good friend, George, her number.   Her brother in Law was a good guy and probably had great friends, she thought to herself as she nervously got ready for her first blind date.  As the date unfolded they found that they had a lot in common, but neither one was seeing wedding bells…yet.  A week later they went on date #2 and before they knew it, date #2 turned into 9 dates in 2 weeks.  They explored new restaurants, the outdoors, and most importantly discovered that there was more than a great friendship developing.  3 months later, as Kelly describes it, George was in love.  I get to witness a lot of things in front of my camera & there is no denying that Wednesday night, my camera & I witnessed 2 friends deeply in love.  Most importantly, it was obvious they truly liked each other too!  Some might argue, (my brother, who is getting married in 8 days, for instance) that the latter is just as important Love.  One thing is for sure, Mother Nature blessed us with a gorgeous day filled with golden light, bridges, and a family of deer.  Thanks and wishing you both an amazing wedding day November 4, 2014 in Hawaii!!The shadowy haze of the golden sun was just out of this world.

Oh Deer!

Jumping side hip bump obviously!  When you rule at life, why not?
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From the moment she walked into the party, he was intrigued.  Jenn walked into the room skeptical.  After all, why would she want to spend her weekend at a co-worker’s house party when she saw them enough as it was?  Aaron was hosting this get together and although he was one of her co-workers, they had never laid eyes on each other…until now.  Jenn was intrigued.  As the night progressed, ping pong balls flew (ok, starting to pick up a pattern…50% of my couples’ relationships start with Beer Pong!) and sparks flew to say the least. It wasn’t until Jenn got up to go to the bathroom that the night would get a whole lot better.  When she walked out, a hand grabbed her, pulled her in close. and before she knew it His lips on Hers.  It was the best first kiss, and the first and last time Aaron would ever pursue another girl.  She was going to be his bride.  His forever.

Their Wedding was a chart topper!  Pinterest would be jealous of every last detail.  From the gorgeous table settings to the Country Chic vignettes displayed throughout Rancho Soquel.  I was blown away by Jenn’s creativity and organization throughout the whole process.  She looked absolutely stunning in her dress and I just know that Aaron was blown away by her beauty too! I am so excited to share this wedding with You!  It was an honor and pleasure to be a part of Your Big Day!


Venue: Rancho Soquel: Denise Addesso

Flower Designer: Seascape Flowers : Laurie Craig

Caterer: Feast for a King: Kimberly Santia

DJ: Adam Wisot:

Videographer & Photo Booth: Santa Cruz Live Music + DJ Videography -Nick Handley

Cake Designer: Susie Cakes 

Dress Designer: Marisa Bridals from Trudy’s 

Shoes: Nina Ellyna

2nd Photographer Meghan Faith 

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Oh How I love family sessions!  Especially when they include little soon to be one year olds like Carter!  He LOVES doggies so I hit the jackpot as a photographer to be shooting in a location with high 4 legged traffic!  Check out a few of my favorites from our session this week!

I said, “What does a dinosaur say?”  Super smart kid…just saying

If only I could see what mom and dad were doing behind me!

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It was soooo windy that anyone and everyone that owned a sailboat or kite board was out there catching the wind!  Nonetheless, it was gorgeous out!  Natalie & Itamar met in LA and due to work moved to this windy city to start a life together.  They are getting married this fall in Israel!  They are both Israeli and will no doubt have a beautiful celebration of their love with lots of family!

I loved their 50′s theme with the big red balloon!  We hit up one of my favorite spots in SF for some fun city shots!

Do you remember your teenage crush?  That person you spent all your hours thinking about?  For most of us, that was so long ago that it may require breaking out a journal.  For Weynab and Colin no journal is needed.  They simply need to look to each other to remember those feelings.  They met Sophomore year…no, go further back…Sophomore year in HIGH SCHOOL.  Chapter one began at a play a group of friends were attending. Colin was with a girlfriend at the time, but it wouldn’t take long for him to realize that the girl sitting on his other side was a much better match. Gorgeous. Funny. Smart. Gorgeous.  She was a gorgeous sandwich if you didn’t get where I was going with that;)At 15, these two kids had found their soulmate.  Is there anything more special than marrying the person who stayed by your side through all your awkward phases and helped you blossom into who you are today?   The person who literally holds the key to your shared memory bank. I know I come from a Psychology background, but that doesn’t mean I analyze people…too much.  But I swear, after the first 5 minutes with Weynab & Colin I would have bet money that they had just met a year ago, fallen madly in love and were now getting married…There was that much chemistry and sparkle exuding from them!  It was seriously a pleasure for me to photograph and witness a love so pure.  I could go on and on about how amazing, fun, and welcoming this couple is.  So I will.  When I first arrived at their home in SF I felt soooo welcomed.  I was greeted with a, “Hello Heather! How are you?” before I even reached the hallway leading to their door.  I immediately had a feeling this couple would go beyond “client zone” and into “friend zone” extremely quickly!  I mean, I literally got a HUGE high five when I told them I had quit my corporate job.  If you know me, I live for big reactions especially if it involves jumping high fives, mid air tackles, and laughter that is too loud for the surroundings.  I knew our session would be nothing short of phenomenal. Congrats to these two lovebirds getting married August 9th and thank you for blessing my portfolio with your gorgeous faces!This dock lady was LOVIN’ this shoot so much she stood in the frame the whole time working the camera;)I had no idea we had a chaperone until I loaded my images…the cutest little duck making sure the photos were moving along smoothlyClick play for more from this session!

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