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    Hello! My name is Heather and I am so happy you stopped by! This blog is a place where I will share love stories of amazing couples who I had the honor of photographing. It is a place where I can express my passion with images where my words fall short. Photography has changed my life drastically and I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this gift. I wish I could say the same thing about my singing voice, but what can you do?!

As Jeff’s new hire host, Kristine got him set up at his new job and showed him the ropes.  They became instant friends.  It wasn’t until much later when they were both single that Jeff asked her out for a drink.  They have been together ever since and are planning to throw an amazing wedding and party in New Orleans!  Seriously!  How amazing is that!?

I had the pleasure of meeting this fun San Francisco couple this week!  The evening started with fancy cocktails at Palmers, which is seriously the only way to start and engagement session!  I can’t believe I have never been inside of this intimate bar…another thing to add to the ‘To Do’ list!  I thought it was an awesome idea to do part of the session at a place they love going to!  After some sipping and mingling we went to the place I have workout nightmares about…The gorgeous and sweat inducing Lyon Street Steps!  I love photographing this spot because of the sweeping views and gorgeous stairs.  I even walked up and down them once…workout for the day: CHECK!  They have such an obvious connection and adoration for each other.  I just loved how easy they were to photograph as their love truly shines through in how they simply look at each other!  Here is a snippet of our day!

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Krystle and Andrew are two adventurous souls who have known each other since high school!  Getting married at Saratoga Springs was a perfect place for them because of the way mother nature surrounds the grounds in all her glory!  The trees and meandering streams created such a beautiful backdrop.  I knew these two were made for the outdoors, when Krystle took off her heels without question to walk across the stream to get to the place I wanted to photograph them!  She scored an A+ in my books!!  When I saw the way they transformed their outdoor venue space, I was blown away by how gorgeous it looked!  I loved the repurposed wood flower boxes juxtaposed with ornate table number frames.  It was a beautiful ceremony and I am so happy I got to be a part of their day!

Wedding Venue: Saratoga Springs – http://saratoga-springs.com/wedding/

Wedding Coordinator: Kelsey with Saratoga Springs

2nd Shooter: Briana Calderon – http://brianacphotography.com

Floral Designer: Jeanette’s Flowers

Hair Artist: Atilier Salon

Makeup Artist: Kiss & Make-up

Dress Designer: Allure Couture

Shoes: cowboy boots

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkov, floor length, blush pink

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Where do I start with how much I enjoyed this wedding!  How about from the moment I pulled into the long gravel driveway of the home Jamie grew up in…the dream home her father built from the ground up.  A theme that weaved itself throughout all the beautiful wedding decor.  Her mom hand made so many of the details including the paper flowers that lined the aisle, the oil painted canvas for the quest sign in, as well as all the baked pies and cookies so cleverly placed in mason jar lids.  So much love went into every little detail of the day! I can’t imagine how special it must have been for Jamie to get married on the property she called home for so many years.  A seamless way of merging your past with your future.  I was so impressed with the table decor I had to ask where and who did it all!  It turns out that the oil lamps used as part of the floral centerpieces, the table runners, and mason jars were collected from various places including Craigslist and creatively changed to fit their needs.  Did I mention the centerpieces were oil lamps with gorgeous floral arrangements coming out of them?!  Simply perfect for the rustic charm they were going for!

The day was filled with laughter and tears and every emotion in between!  There was so much love surrounding Jamie & Cameron…and for good reason! I will never forget the first time I met with them.  I was immediately greeted with warm smiles and hugs as if I were a long lost friend!  I knew from that moment that we would become friends and that I would be the luckiest person on Earth to photograph their wedding day!  I wish you both a life filled with love, laughter, and lots of adventure!

I just love that moment right before the 1st kiss!

A beautiful moment right after the ceremony perfectly captured by Briana!

This magnetic dinner seating chart was so cool!  Everyone had their name on a wood chip with their table assignment!  No doubt this was also was another handmade masterpiece!

Wedding Venue: Private Estate in Sebastopol, Ca

Wedding Coordinator: Stacy Noble – stacy.dnoble@gmail.com

Floral Designer: Stacy Noble – stacy.dnoble@gmail.com

Caterer: Sarah Piccolo – Fork Catering – forkcatering76@gmail.com

DJ: DJ Kel with Verducci Event Productions – http://www.verduccies.com

Videographer: Glen Stewart – gstewart@simplysolarcalifornia.com

Cookie & Pie Bar: Mrs. Luiz

Hair Artist: Stephanie Roady – 707- 484-3327

Makeup Artist: Kelli Grech – kelli4cookielee@yahoo.com

Dress: Allure

2nd Photographer: Briana Calderon Photography – http://www.brianacphotography.com

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So excited to see all the hard work and hand made decor from Kellie & Dean’s wedding on Fab You Bliss!  They created a welcoming environment and intimate setting through all their gorgeous details.  They were married in front of a free standing fireplace mantel to give their ceremony a cozy feel & they made a set of free standing double doors for Dean to carry Kellie through after being announced as husband and wife!  These are just a few of the amazing details throughout the day!

Check out their full wedding feature on Fab You Bliss HERE.

To see their full wedding blog and slideshow head HERE

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